Westminster Abbey’s construction was originally started back in 1245 by Henry III and is still renowned to this day as one of the most important & unique Gothic buildings in the world.

In 1560, the Abbey was designated with a special ‘Royal Peculiar’ which essentially means that the Abbey belongs to the ruling monarch and is not governed by any diocese of the Church of England. Since it received the Royal Peculiar designation, Westminster Abbey's official name has been the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Westminster.

Construction of the first new tower to Westminster Abbey in over 300 years was recently commenced and completed concealing a new lift and staircase enabling visitors to reach the new galleries and publicly displayed relics and artifacts from Monarchs in the Triforium..

The tower itself was designed by Ptolemy Dean, the Abbey’s Surveyor of the Fabric and was funded through many private donors including the Garfield Weston Foundation.

The project timescale from commencement to completion took a little over 2 years. At times, during the project, the trades and managerial workforce on-site reached well above 100 workmen ensuring the works could be conducted at pace whilst also adhering to strict health & safety guidelines. Works were conducted in such a way as to reduce the impact on the Abbey’s daily functions while still allowing large scale ceremonies to continue without disruption.

The project cost exceeded £26 million and unlike the vast majority of our construction projects, the value of the Abbey was not changed. After all, it is impossible to increase the value of a property that is already classified as ‘priceless’.


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