A 4 floor, newly built mansion, sat on three acres of lush grounds and designed by the renowned architect Quinlan Terry is located on the bank of the River Thames. An archaeological viewing brief was conducted during the enabling works at the Old Garden, Cambridge Park, Twickenham between August and September 2009.

Ground reduction works were monitored within the footprint of the new building as well as in the west of the garden with the excavation extending up to 4 metres below ground level. The project comprised the construction of a modern mansion with period components with a major lean towards stonemasonry aesthetic including a grand reception hall, with features inspired by The Great Hall in Oxfordshire and an ancient carving from Rome greeting visitors upon arrival.

On the ground floor, the brief was to create a property with more than a dozen rooms, including a steam room, gymnasium, swimming pool and staff quarters. The property boasts a spacious master suite, taking up one end of the first floor, including his-and-her bathrooms, dressing rooms, games room, cinema as well as numerous store rooms.

The construction included building a spacious garage that had space for three cars and room for multiple more via the installation of a car stacker - whilst additionally allowing space at the front of the property able to accommodate up to 20 more vehicles.

The project also included development of a tennis court and a swimming pool.

The project timescale from commencement to completion was just over 2 years.

During the project, the trades and managerial workforce numbered on-site peaks of around 50 individuals. Development costs for the entire property reached £20m.

On completion the land and property was worth £50m.


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